An item will not be visible if it is marked as hidden or unavailable in the CMS. The steps to check the same are below.

1. Login to the CMS

2. On the home screen, select Content Management icon

3. On the Content Management screen, select Menu Management icon

4. On the Menu Management screen, select Menu Items Icon

5. On the Menu Items screen search for the item that is not being displayed on the menu

6. On the search results screen, select the Edit link

7. On the Edit Menu Item screen, select the Miscellaneous tab

8. On the Miscellaneous tab, the following two tabs should be unchecked

a. Hide

b. Item Unavailable

9. If either 8a or 8b or both are checked uncheck them

10. Click on the Reset Sync icon on the top right corner of the screen

Check if the item is displayed on the menu