BNR - Banknote Recycler
The BNR processes multi-width international “street money” with the following basic
1. Denomination, Validation and Acceptance of street banknotes for multiple
2. Temporarily store the banknotes of the current transaction (Escrow capacity 15
3. Provide change to the consumer from temporary cash stores held in the
Recyclers (RE) or Loader Cassette (LO) modules,
4. Store the banknotes in a permanent store, at the Cash-Box module (CB)

The BNR is composed of the following modules:
 Main Module: includes interface to the User (Inlet or “Bezel”), banknote validation system and a Bundler,
 Chassis: metal frame containing all the other modules with an Interlock System,
 Recycler module: device for storing and dispensing banknotes,
 Loader module: removable cash storage cassette for dispensing banknotes,
 Cash-Box module: a lockable secure removable cash storage cassette.

The intent of the attached document is to familiarize an Operator with the basic functions of the MEI Banknote Recycler (BNR), to ensure the product is installed properly and to perform simple product upkeep.